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Netanya – Youth at Risk
Netanya – Youth at Risk

OCF in the Sharon, has located a group of 15 - 20 male teenagers aged 16 - 18 that have dropped out of the various educational frameworks.

OCF is providing them with a meeting place - three times a week - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 - 10pm.


At present OCF is giving them a warm welcome and some basic food - showing that someone cares about them.

In addition some of the OCF Beit Midrash students are involved in meeting with the teenagers and chatting. A basic lecture of values, behavior is also provided.

This project is in pilot stage at present. Very likely that the numbers of participants will grow and there may also be a need for a separate girls group in future.

OCF will be hiring a professional social worker to channel the positive energies of these youth to assist themselves as well as the surrounding community also. OCF will also coordinate its efforts with the local municipal welfare structures.

Youth at Risk